Bringing quality solutions to the marine industry

The Company based in Mumbai, caters to the marine and offshore industry in India and also many other countries. Our customers include various shipyards, ship-owners and ship-managers.

The owner Mr. Prakash Bhakta has been associated with this industry for close to three decades. The journey started with his sailing career in the year 1990, with experience on different types of vessels.

We support ship-owners and managers for matters related to the safety of the vessel, repairs, surveillance, leakages, filtration, deck maintenance, printing and various other operational requirements.

We also cater to the ship-building industry in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with Safety Solutions, HVAC, CCTV, RO plants and Light-weight Deck Equipment.

VIN MARINE SERVICES offers the following:

»Deck Maintenance Equipment

»Stern Tube Stop Leak Additives

»Light Weight Deck Equipment

»Printing Solutions

»Safety solutions





Our strength lies in providing seamless service, right from marketing and sales, up to contract realization. It’s more like a personalized service to the customer and the principal both.
Vin Marine Services
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L.T Road, Borivali West, Mumbai - 400092

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